Ladies Hair Waxing Norwich

Our waxing treatment room is designed to make you feel at ease with great music, delicious smells, and a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

We know that intimate treatments can be a little scary on your first visit, but our professional waxing therapists know exactly how to put your mind at ease. We understand that it may seem daunting, however we complete various body hair removal procedures everyday and there really is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about.

Whether you are looking for a quick eyebrow waxing near Norwich or a regular hair waxing service, you will receive a warm welcome at Waxx Norwich. Everything is explained prior to your treatment and there is no such thing as a stupid question, we are here to provide you with the best waxing service possible.

Price List

Hi leg Bikini £18.00
G string £22.00 (Everything outside of the g string including inner bum area)
Brazilian £30.00 (Hair removed from labia and inner bum area with pubic hair shaped)
Hollywood £33.00 (All pubic hair removed including inner bum area)
Snake hips £15.00 (Buttocks, hips & inner bum area)
Siren £58.00 (Hollywood & full leg)
Aphrodite £68.00 (Under arm, full leg, Brazilian/Hollywood, eyebrows)
Extended bikini line add £5.00 to whichever bikini line wax you choose
Half leg £20.00
¾ leg Wax £25.00
Full leg £30.00
Under arm £10.00
Forearm (inc hands) £15.00
Upper arm £10.00
Full arm £20.00
Full Stomach £15.00
Small of back £7.00
Navel Line £5.00
Nipples £8.00
Brows £10.00
Upper Lip £8.00
Chin £8.00
Under arm £9.00
Lip & chin £15.00
Sides of face £20.00
Neck £7.00
Neck & Chin £15.00