Well done, you have made it this far. Little bit scary isn’t it?

Relax and take a deep breath, it is nowhere near as terrifying as you are imagining. The treatment room is a relaxed and comfortable setting and your therapist is qualified to the highest level. Your therapist waxes all day, every day and our male clientele is growing daily, so there is nothing to worry about, seen it all before.

You may be thinking … will it hurt? & what happens if I get excited?

Honestly, yes you will experience some discomfort, but ALL our clients say it is worth it.

As for getting excited, it does happen. Nerves can have a strange effect on you BUT your therapist will not get embarrassed and if you forget about it will soon go down.

Your therapist will put at ease during your treatment, but inappropriate behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

Nerves can get the better of you prior to your Wax and that can lead to deciding to cancel your Wax at the last minute, as much as we understand this, it means we are unable to rebook the appointment at such short notice which in turn impacts the business. It is for that reason that I require half of your treatment cost to be paid at the time of booking. Once this has been paid your appointment will be confirmed.

Price List

Upper arm £15.00
Full arm £25.00
Under arm £10.00
Hands £10.00
Half leg £20.00
Full leg £30.00
Shoulders/Upper back £18.00
Lower back £15.00
Full back & shoulders £25.00
Full back, shoulders & upper arm £29.00
Chest £18.00
Abs £15.00
Chest & abs £30.00
Brow tidy £10.00
Nostrils £7.00
Ears £7.00
Nape of neck & hairline £10.00
Gladiator £48.00 (Sac, penis, bum crack and pubic hair removed or shaped)
David & Goliath £40.00 (Sac & penis)
Hades £18.00 (Bum crack)
Warrior £72.00 (Full back and upper arms, buttocks & Gladiator)
Spartacus Price on consultation (Full body)